Welcome to my site

The dream in my head is finally realized. I am a sewer and embroiderer. For years I carried a dream of wanting to make wraps for ladies. I visited a store in New Orleans  a long time ago and the owner sold wraps and capes.  It had an impact on me. It was a very eclectic store.  I knew one day I  wanted this specialty  store.  It was not until I moved to South Carolina and realized my New York winter coat wear was too much. So driving home one day and being frustrated that I was struggling to make a turn wearing my heavy coat I knew I needed a garment that would  allow me to drive and also provide coverage and warmth.  So here you have it.... my collection of wraps. It has grown to include other items that were in my head. I hope you enjoy. If you have any suggestions please contact me.  Thank you for supporting my dream.

Peace and Love