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Note: Price shown above is a deposit, as custom quilts can vary in price and complexity.

Are you interested in a T-shirt quilt, but some of your shirts are in, shall we say, less than great shape? Or some of the designs on the shirts wouldn't work for uniform quilt squares? Maybe you just want a little something "extra" for your quilt. With a custom quilt, we can work with these issues and create a beautiful showcase for your shirts.

We can also make custom quilts with materials and clothing well beyond T-shirts. We've made quilts out of each of the following:

  • Baby bibs, onesies, and other children's clothing, even baby blankets
  • Dance leotards
  • Dress shirts and ties
  • Work shirts and denim
  • House coats, pajamas, and nightgowns
  • Regular shirts and jackets

We've even made quilts with photo squares, and squares of custom embroidery!

How do I get started with a custom quilt?

Simply add the deposit to your cart, check out, making sure to include your email address and phone number. We'll get it touch with you to discuss your clothing and what kind of quilt you're considering. If the clothing you want to use is from a loved one who's no longer with us, we want to know about that person, so that we can do justice to their memory.

After our talk, we can give you a price range for your quilt (not an exact quote as we just don't know until we make it what the final price will be) and depending on that range, we may send you an invoice for another fraction of the balance.

Once the quilt is complete, we'll deliver it to you (in person if local or shipped) and invoice you for the balance, including shipping and any extra charges.

Please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions page for information about preparing your clothing.

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