Memory Bears - Available in 2 styles

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Note: Prices shown above do not include embroidery or shipping.

Remember a loved one or special event with our memory bears. If you have just a handful of shirts, not enough for a quilt, but still want to display and remember the events commemorated on the shirts, we can turn them into a memory bear.

We can also take several favorite pieces of clothing to create one or more bears to remember loved ones no longer with us. These are treasured keepsakes for grandchildren to remember their grandparents, for example, or for adult children to remember their parents.

Bear Sizes, Prices, and Number of Shirts Needed

We offer two sizes/styles of bears.

The shorter, wider bear is approximately 16 inches tall and 14 inches wide, and starts at $50.

The taller, skinnier bear is approximately 18 inches tall and 15 inches wide and starts at $65.

How many shirts do you need for a bear? At least 2-3 shirts is best to allow for contrast in the bear design. Shirts should be XL or larger, otherwise consider including more clothing.

What other kinds of clothing can be used? Shirts can be used as well as other apparel such as jeans, pants, or jackets. If you have a question about a particular items of clothing, please contact us.

These prices do not include embroidery, if desired, or shipping. You pay the base price here, and then we contact you about your design preferences, getting your shirts, and find out a little more about the recipient(s). This is personal to us, so we take the time to really learn about your clothes and memories behind them. If you are wanting several bears for family members to remember a loved one, we can discuss clothing quantity and color/fabric combinations for the bears.


Delivery time is 3-4 weeks. Once the bear(s) is complete, we'll deliver it to you (in person if local or shipped) and invoice you for the balance, including shipping and any extra charges.

Please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions page for information about preparing your shirts or other clothing.

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